I know people think I’m a crazy person but this is a prime example as to why I love pop culture so much. Sometimes it changes people’s lives.

Get ya tissues out folks!



The song of the Spring.

Bubblegum pop perfection. Dance it out boys & girls.


Kim Kardashian gets rushed to the hospital with a pregnancy issue. Kelly Osbourne tweets pictures after her seizure. And now Justin Bieber collapses during a concert at London’s O2 Arena.

They say things happens in threes.

I was reminded how talented Justin is, so I posted my favorite Biebs song. Enjoy!

throwback thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday posts comes straight to you from the year 2000.

Click play and enjoy.


Having a bad day? Shut up. Put your purse down and take a note from this 88 year old woman.

Dance it out mama!

This will forever be one of my favorite YouTube videos.

Please watch the entire thing, there’s a special surprise waiting for you at the end of the video.

This one is dedicated to Josh. May we live to be 88, dance down the steps of our respective homes and dance “all fuckin’ day”.

howard stern to take over for jimmy fallon?

Supposedly, Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Leno and Howard Stern is being scouted to take over for Jimmy.

I would LOVE to see Howard have his own late night show on NBC. Couldn’t love Howard Stern more. Only problem is, you probably won’t get interviews like this…

Lisa Lampanelli & Howard Stern circe 2002. Parental discretion is advised.

melanie amaro gets dropped from epic records

I am devastated by this news. A singer this talented shouldn’t be dropped by her label.

She killed it on The X Factor and this song was one of my favorites last year. I have reposted so y’all can revisit the glory that is, Melanie Amaro.

Hopefully people will get their act together and help this chick release a kick ass album soon!

jessica simpson reveals she is having a boy!

Not that anyone cares but this was a pretty cute moment on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE last night.

I really do like Jessica Simpson. Always have, always will.

Make sure to watch her on FASHION STAR this season and look out for cutie patootie Dan Musto too.


This will be the best 26 minutes of your day.

Click play and enjoy.

I Could Be the One

My squirrel friend Bryan sent me this music video today. I’ve never heard the song, nor had I seen the video.

However, it is now my new favorite thing. Whoever this woman is, I love her.

Avicii vs. Nicky Romero. Get into it.

Angela Miller sings “Never Gone”

My favorite American Idol contestant this season blew it out of the park yet again last night singing a Colton Dixon song.

A new chick who hasn’t even made it to the TOP 10 singing a song from a former contestant that didn’t even win.

Further proof that this show breeds incredible talent.

Click play and enjoy.