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oprah & deepak

oprah & deepak

Today I am embarking on a 21 Day Meditation Challenge with one of my best gal pals led by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.

I am not sure what I am looking for by doing this, but hopefully I’ll find it…

Also, doesn’t Oprah’s name look funny when it’s next to Deepak’s name? Makes me giggle…

Giggling probably isn’t the best way to start meditating. I’m screwed.


five timers club at snl

five timers club at snl

Steve Martin tweeted this amazing photo backstage at SNL this past Saturday night.

Steve, Dan, Chevy, Martin, Paul, Tom & Loren.

Where was Candice Bergen? In the ladies room?

Regardless this picture is awesome.



Angela Miller

Candice Glover

Kree Harrison

Amber Holcomb

Devin Velez

Burnell Taylor

Janelle Arthur

Lazaro Arbos

Paul Jolley

Curtis Finch, Jr.

…and yes, it is in order of my favorites. So far, anyway.

joy behar is leaving the view

joy behar is leaving the view

Looks like I’ll be wearing black for the rest of 2013.

According to an exclusive at, Joy Behar’s contract at THE VIEW is up in August and the out spoken talk show host will be leaving at that time.


Read the full details here:

I couldn’t be more disappointed, but in the words of the diva herself – “so what, who cares?” Onto the next!

Which I suspect will be her own show on CNN…