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The song of the Spring.

Bubblegum pop perfection. Dance it out boys & girls.




Angela Miller

Candice Glover

Kree Harrison

Amber Holcomb

Devin Velez

Burnell Taylor

Janelle Arthur

Lazaro Arbos

Paul Jolley

Curtis Finch, Jr.

…and yes, it is in order of my favorites. So far, anyway.



Apparently this is the track list for Beyonce’s new album.

I am going to obsess over these titles until this comes out. Come on B! What are you waiting for?!?!

mean girls: the musical

Looks like a MEAN GIRLS musical is in the works.

Part of me is loving this idea. But the other part of me is thinking, really?

Both of these GIFs sum up my current feelings.

mean girls: the musical



Slash, I just really want to be in it somehow.

melanie amaro gets dropped from epic records

I am devastated by this news. A singer this talented shouldn’t be dropped by her label.

She killed it on The X Factor and this song was one of my favorites last year. I have reposted so y’all can revisit the glory that is, Melanie Amaro.

Hopefully people will get their act together and help this chick release a kick ass album soon!

I Could Be the One

My squirrel friend Bryan sent me this music video today. I’ve never heard the song, nor had I seen the video.

However, it is now my new favorite thing. Whoever this woman is, I love her.

Avicii vs. Nicky Romero. Get into it.

Angela Miller sings “Never Gone”

My favorite American Idol contestant this season blew it out of the park yet again last night singing a Colton Dixon song.

A new chick who hasn’t even made it to the TOP 10 singing a song from a former contestant that didn’t even win.

Further proof that this show breeds incredible talent.

Click play and enjoy.

Beyonce Goes Blonde!


Beyonce is going blonde.

Britney is going brunette.

And somewhere Christina Aguilera is wondering what went wrong.

I gotta get me tickets to this concert.

‘Kiss You’ by One Direction

Music video tributes in honor of hot young boy bands are quite possibly the coolest thing happening on the Internet right now.

I secretly really want to do one, but until then – enjoy this fabulous One Direction fan video.

Special appearance by my gal pal Enrico Rodriguez.