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five timers club at snl

five timers club at snl

Steve Martin tweeted this amazing photo backstage at SNL this past Saturday night.

Steve, Dan, Chevy, Martin, Paul, Tom & Loren.

Where was Candice Bergen? In the ladies room?

Regardless this picture is awesome.


kids & cereals

kids & cereals

This child is just trying to figure it all out. She is, if I do say so myself, a genius.

Read it, enjoy it and please pass it along.

And buy a box of Kix.

howard stern to take over for jimmy fallon?

Supposedly, Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Leno and Howard Stern is being scouted to take over for Jimmy.

I would LOVE to see Howard have his own late night show on NBC. Couldn’t love Howard Stern more. Only problem is, you probably won’t get interviews like this…

Lisa Lampanelli & Howard Stern circe 2002. Parental discretion is advised.

timberlake & mccarthy to host SNL

This Saturday your favorite one of Britney’s exes is set to host SNL again. So, in honor, I would like to take us all back to a special time in all of our lives. The time we first saw this photo.

Close your eyes. Take it in. Breathe.

justin timberlake & melissa mccarthy to host SNL

Also, one of the best Saturday Night Live hosts of all time is coming back! It has been leaked that Melissa McCarthy will be returning to the famed sketch comedy show in April.

Let’s all rejoice in the hotness of JT and the comedic brilliance of Ms. McCarthy.

mean girls: the musical

Looks like a MEAN GIRLS musical is in the works.

Part of me is loving this idea. But the other part of me is thinking, really?

Both of these GIFs sum up my current feelings.

mean girls: the musical



Slash, I just really want to be in it somehow.


This will be the best 26 minutes of your day.

Click play and enjoy.

Summer? Are you there?

Summer? Are you there?

I want it to be so hot that I need to walk around with a water bottle to spritz myself.

I don’t normally mind the cold weather …but I need it to be summer NOW.

Hannah Horvath Speaks The Truth

Hanna Horvath Speak The Truth

Can I get an Amen for anyone that has ever felt like this?